A few words from previous and current clients on their Puréed Love™ experience:

“I first started Puréed Love in 2011 to help me lose those 10 pounds I just couldn’t lose by exercising and trying to eat well. The food was great, and better still, I lost that weight in 2 weeks. Afterwords, instead of quitting, I liked the purées so much that a year later, I am still getting my daily deliveries. And it helps me stay in shape.”
-Daniel, 39, Creator of the Canadian Television Series, Detentionaire

Since my early childhood, I’ve had Lupus, a disease where most people look normal, but often suffer from debilitating exhaustion. A few years ago I decided to take my health seriously. I wanted to detoxify, stop the bloating, and cleanse my body.
After doing the Puréed Love cleanse for two weeks, my weight dropped 20 pounds, and I have cut my steroid use in half. My sleep is restful, my eating habits have improved, my skin is clear, I have less fatigue, and my headaches are all but gone. Although Lupus degenerates the body as it ages, according to my doctor, my blood work is back to my 25 year old self.
The best part is I FEEL better, and I AM happier! Puréed Love has given me the motivation and energy I needed to change my job, change my environment, it helped me to clear my mind and create a new healthful, happy life for myself. I happily recommend Puréed Love to anyone who needs and wants to create a vital, healthy, happy life!
-Michelle Ann, 31, Catering and Banquet Director, Santa Monica

I have had a love/hate relationship with food my whole life. While growing up, I subsisted on processed, high sugar and high fat foods and rarely ate fresh vegetables. I stayed thin, however, so I had myself convinced I was healthy. Throughout the years, I have gone back and forth with healthy/processed staples in my diet but things have finally come to a head now that I am 40 years old and the at home/working mother of two small children. The first thing to go? My diet. (Oh, yes, and my weight.) I needed a jumpstart to get myself back on the right track.
Puréed Love was the perfect answer. First of all, everything was made for me! (No cooking for myself…it was like I was on vacation!) Second, I wasn’t starving myself. I ate real food all day long and it was delicious and made me feel healthy and energized and in control.
I’m not going to lie, it was HARD. I did this cleanse to help reboot my emotional attachment to food and my need to comfort eat. I did this cleanse to break my snacking habit of eating quick and heavily processed food. Bonus: I lost 12 pounds and it is staying off. Puréed Love has given me the foundation to continue to feed my body the food it really needs to function properly. Puréed Love gave me control again.
-Krista, 40, Stay at Home Mommy, and Writer


I’ve had the pleasure of eating Kelly’s delicious and healthy cuisine on a weekly basis for over a year now, and so I was thrilled when she told me about Puréed Love.  Her purées are SO rich and filling, made only more amazing by the fact that they are also vegan and mostly fat free.   The purées pack a flavorful and nutritious punch, which left me fully satiated (actually really full) throughout the day, and the ability to pick 5 different flavors each week, kept the two week experience from ever getting  boring or too repetitive.  Sure, you’re eating a lot of soup, but after the first couple, tough days – when your body is detoxing and letting go of its usual vices (i.e. sugar, starched, fat, CHOCOLATE – yes, chocolate is in its own food group for me) you start to really look forward to your little pots of puréed love.  Sipping something warm, fresh and filling, instead of smashing a handful of salty potato chips or artificially sweetened cookies into my face, just FEELS good.  It feels good to know you’re giving your body exactly what it needs and nothing it doesn’t, let alone anything that could hurt it.  As someone who works in an office cubicle 10 hours a day and then spends much of my free time on my computer or in front of a television, I admit I am an unconscious eater, one who consumes food when I feel stressed or bored or usually a wonderful combination of both (i.e. my natural state of being).  Eating is comfort, and what most of us don’t realize until we do something like Puréed Love, is the best kind of comfort we can give ourselves with food is through actual nourishment, not with sugar, salt, or caffeine.  Foods which consist mainly of those ingredients, not to mention any processed foods, while tasty and mentally satiating (temporarily), there’s always a price to pay… usually in the form of a late afternoon crash and then subsequent snack attack.  It becomes a terrible cycle.  And that cycle of “comfort eating” ultimately plaques me with intense regret and crazed thoughts like “How many calories did I just consume?  How much sugar was in that?  I feel bloated. I’m depressed.  I need a nap.   Oh, why didn’t I just eat an apple?!”  While on Puréed Love, there was no remorse and self hate cycling!  Finally!   Just healthy living that made me feel nourished both physically and emotionally.   And the natural energy boost, clear skin, and weight loss all made for a sublime experience.  After my two weeks, I was 6 pounds lighter, full of energy and not craving caffeine and sugar every hour of the day.  It was liberating.   Oh, and the best part was – as someone who has a number of challenging food allergies (gluten, dairy, soy) and despite all the complaining above, generally tries to eat very healthy in order to keep those allergies in check – I was able to really cleanse and repair my system, without having to worry about what I was putting in my body.  I didn’t feel limited or guilty for breaking any of my diet rules.  It was ALL GOOD.  All SO GOOD.   Puréed Love will definitely become a routine cleanse in my life – it was the best way to rehab and recharge my body for a year of healthy choices, without any relapse or come down.  Unlike most cleanses where you end with the feeling of “let’s FINALLY eat!”, with Puréed Love, I just felt like it was another day.  A day with less soup, sure, but a great, NEW day none the less.

Thank you Kelly for all the deliciousness!

Lane, 29, Executive Assistant at OWN, and Writer